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Hello Princesses

Today I'm going to be talking about my shopping experience with Dokodemo! Dokodemo is a website that has a ton of different sellers that sell Japanese products, and you can purchase quite a few different items on there, but today I'm going to be talking my experience buying skincare from them!

Website Practicality

Dokodemo is quite easy to navigate and pretty aesthetically pleasing. I found it easy to create an account, browse for products and check out. There are a few sellers selling the same items at different prices, so it can be a little confusing.

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Price Comparison

Usually I would compare the prices against other stores, but since Dokodemo has multiple sellers selling the same thing for different prices it's a little bit redundant.

Shipping and Packaging

I made my purchase on the 2nd of November, it was shipped on the 16th of November because one of the sellers had a delay. Dokodemo themselves contacted me and told me that they would hurry along the seller since it was taking a long time which I thought was really great, especially since I didn't email them first! I shopped with two different sellers and Dokodemo combined the the shipping for me. Both orders were in the same box which got to me quite quickly (on the 22nd of November!) and nothing was damaged in transit. One seller wrapped the product in bubble wrap and the other only wrapped the product in a plastic bag, so it depends on which seller you buy with!

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Final Thoughts

I quite enjoyed my shopping experience with Dokodemo and will definitely be shopping with them again! I found the website really easy to use, the staff were very helpful with sorting out the slow seller, and my items arrived really quickly. The shipping is a little on the higher side, but with some of the harder to find items they still work out cheaper than other stores. All in all, I would definitely recommend Dokodemo for any Japanese cosmetics and skincare!

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